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BioSonic Suvi Air Polishing Powder(Coltene)
Butler Monsterz Prophy Paste(Sunstar Americas)
Cavitron Jet-Fresh Prophy Powder(Dentsply Sirona)
Cavitron Prophy-Jet Prophy Powder(Dentsply Sirona)
Clinpro Glycine Prophy Powder(3M)
Clinpro Prophy Paste(3M)
Coral Prophy Paste(Young Dental)
D-Lish Prophy Paste(Young Dental)
Enamel Pro(Premier)
Gelato Prophy Paste(Keystone Industries)
Glitter Prophy Paste(Premier)
JetStream Powder(Deldent)
Kolorz Prophy Paste(DMG America)
Lorvic Bonding Prep(Young Dental)
Micro Prophy(Danville Materials)
Nada Pumice Paste(Preventech)
Next Prophy Paste(Preventech)
Nupro Extra Care Prophy Paste(Dentsply Sirona)
Nupro Prophy Paste(Dentsply Sirona)
Nupro Shimmer Paste(Dentsply Sirona)
Oral-B Prophy Paste(Young Dental)
Preppies(Whip Mix)
Preppies Plus(Whip Mix)
Prophy Choice Powder(Prophy Choice)
Prophy Gems(Biotrol)
Prophy Paste(Darby Dental Supply)
Prophy Paste Fluoride Free(Sultan Healthcare)
Prophy Powder(Keystone Industries)
Proxyt Prophy Paste(Ivoclar Vivadent)
Radent Prophy Paste(Pascal)
SmartSelect Selective Polishing Paste(Young Dental)
Soft Shine(Waterpik)
Sparkle Free Prophy Paste(Crosstex)
Sparkle Prophy Paste(Crosstex)
Topex Prep & Polish Paste(Sultan Healthcare)
Topex Prophy Paste(Sultan Healthcare)
Vera Advanced Bright Polishing Paste(Young Dental)
Waterpik Prophy Paste(Waterpik)
Zircate(Dentsply Sirona)
Ziroxide Prophy Paste(Premier)
Zooby Prophy Paste(Young Dental)
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