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Amber Elastics(All Star Orthodontics)
Brass Separating Rings(All Star Orthodontics)
Elast-O-Chains - Long Filaments(Glenroe Technologies)
Elast-O-Chains - Short Filaments(Glenroe Technologies)
Elast-O-Chains-Continuous Filaments(All Star Orthodontics)
Elast-O-Trees(OIS Orthodontics)
Elasti Placers(Glenroe Technologies)
Elastic Attachers(Ortho Organizers)
Elastical Cervical Traction Bands(OIS Orthodontics)
Elastics - Surgical Latex(LeoneAmerica)
Elastics Confetti(All Star Orthodontics)
Elastomeric Archwire Tubing(Glenroe Technologies)
Elastomeric Organizers(Ortho Technology)
Elastomeric Tubing and Thread(OIS Orthodontics)
HeadGear Purses(O.S.E. Co. Inc.)
Individual Patient Ties(Glenroe Technologies)
Kobayashi Auxiliary Tie Hooks(Wire and Cable Specialties)
Ligature Wire Spools(OIS Orthodontics)
Lingual Bars(Dentaurum Inc)
Lingual Cleats(Ortho Technology)
Lip Bumper Tubing(Glenroe Technologies)
Mini-Mold System(Ortho Technology)
Miscellaneous Organizers(Ortho Technology)
Multi-Adjustable Facemask(Ortho Technology)
NewGear Cervical Headgear(Ortho Kinetics)
NewGear High Pull Headgear(Ortho Kinetics)
Ni-Tek Dimple Wire(OIS Orthodontics)
Nickel Titanium Neet Separating Springs(OIS Orthodontics)
Nitro Releasable Force Modules(Ortho Kinetics)
OKC High Pull Strap(Ortho Kinetics)
Plier and Wire Organizer(OIS Orthodontics)
Reverse Pull Face Mask(Ortho Technology)
Rotation Wedges(All Star Orthodontics)
Safety Release Modules(Ortho Technology)
Self-Locking Separating Springs(OIS Orthodontics)
Short Outer Arch Facebow(Ortho Technology)
Surgical Ball Hooks(OIS Orthodontics)
Tooth Tone Coated Shorty Ties(Ortho Technology)
TruFlex Nickel Titanium De-Impacting & Separating Springs(Ortho Technology)
Ultra Non Latex Elastics(Glenroe Technologies)
Ultra Tuff Elastomeric Thread(Glenroe Technologies)
Wire Gauge(American Tooth Industries)
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