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3-Prong Clasp Adjusting Plier(Carl Heyer)
Aluminum Height Gauges(Ortho Technology)
Band Pusher 300(Darby Dental Supply)
Band Pusher Ligature Director(Carl Heyer)
Band Pusher/Scaler(Carl Heyer)
Band Pushers(Hu-Friedy)
Band Removing Pliers(Carl Heyer)
Band Seater(J and J Instruments)
Band Seater(Darby Dental Supply)
Bird Beak Wire Bending Pliers(Carl Heyer)
Bite Stick(Glenroe Technologies)
Boone Bracket Positioning Gauge(Carl Heyer)
Boone Gauge Stainless Steel(Ortho Technology)
Bracket Holder Tweezers(Hu-Friedy)
Bracket Placer(Carl Heyer)
Bracket Placer(Darby Dental Supply)
Color Coded Bite Sticks(Ortho Technology)
Direct Bond Tweezers(Ortho Technology)
Double-Ended Distal Bender(Ortho Technology)
Elite Orthodontic Pliers(J and J Instruments)
Falcon Acrylic Debonding Plier(Ortho Technology)
Falcon Bracket Removers(Ortho Technology)
Falcon Crimping Pliers(Ortho Technology)
Falcon Distal End Cutter(Ortho Technology)
Falcon Hard Wire Cutter(Ortho Technology)
Falcon Ligature Cutters(Ortho Technology)
Falcon Pliers (Assorted)(Ortho Technology)
Falcon Posterior Band Remover(Ortho Technology)
Falcon Scalers(Ortho Technology)
Forceps(Carl Heyer)
Hammerhead NITI Tip Back Pliers(Hu-Friedy)
Hard Wire Cutter(Integra Miltex)
Heavy Wire Cutter(Carl Heyer)
High Heat Bite Stick(Ortho Technology)
High Heat Height Gauges(Ortho Technology)
Instrument Organizer, Upright Plier Rack(Ortho Technology)
Keat Buccal Tube Tweezers(Ortho Technology)
Ligature Director(Carl Heyer)
Ligature Directors(Hu-Friedy)
Ligature Tucking/Tying DE(Carl Heyer)
Lingual Torquing Key(Hu-Friedy)
Lotus SLB Instruments(Ortho Technology)
Mathieu Narrow Tip Pliers(Hu-Friedy)
Mathieu Type Forceps(Carl Heyer)
Mershon Band Pusher(Ortho Technology)
Micro Mini Light Wire Cutter(Ortho Technology)
Molar Band Seater Bite Stick(Carl Heyer)
Optical Loop Small Wire Bending Pliers(Carl Heyer)
Ortho Pliers(Darby Dental Supply)
Outie Tool(Nadine and Company LLC)
Pin and Ligature Cutter(Hu-Friedy)
Pin and Ligature Cutter(Carl Heyer)
Positive Positioners(Ortho Technology)
Ruler(Grobet USA)
Scaler Faught SE 4(Carl Heyer)
Scaler/Band Pusher(Hu-Friedy)
Scaler/Ligature Director - D/E(Carl Heyer)
Sep-A-Ring Pliers(Carl Heyer)
Serrated Trimming Scissors(Ortho Technology)
Slim Buccal Tube Bonder Tweezers(Hu-Friedy)
The Vertical(Hu-Friedy)
Tube Crimping Plier(Denovo Dental)
Universal Distal End Cutter(Hu-Friedy)
Utility Pliers(Hu-Friedy)
Weingart General Utility(OIS Orthodontics)
Wire Forming Pliers(Hu-Friedy)
X7 Cutters and Pliers(Ortho Technology)
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