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Acetone(Humco Laboratory)
Aerospense Isopropyl Alcohol(Pentron)
Atlas Precision Chuck(Handler Manufacturing)
Beakers(American Dental Supply)
Boil Out Gloves(American Dental Supply)
Boil Out Solution(American Dental Supply)
Chucks(Grobet USA)
Chucks(Handler Manufacturing)
Clasp Wire(Wire and Cable Specialties)
Clasps(Keystone Industries)
Clearly Debubblizer(American Dental Supply)
Crucible(Keystone Industries)
Debubblizer(Kerr Lab)
Denture Bags(Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Company, Inc.)
Duplicating Flasks with Metal Bases(Dentsply Austenal)
Duplicating Kits(Lang Dental)
Fill-It Base(American Dental Supply)
Flasks(Corning Wax)
Gas Valve(Handler Manufacturing)
Gi-Mask Silicone-Based Gingival Mask(Coltene)
Glass Slab(Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Company, Inc.)
Green Guard(American Dental Supply)
Hanau Accessories(Whip Mix)
Initial MC Chroma Shade Translucent Powder(GC America)
Insta Cool(Keystone Industries)
Ke-Solv(Keystone Industries)
Lab Knife(Vista Dental)
Lab Knife(Darby Dental Supply)
Latex Rubber Tubing(Primeline Industries)
Latex Tubing(Coltene)
Liqui-Foil(American Dental Supply)
Miniglaze 2 Compact Porcelain Furnace(Dentsply)
Model Formers(Columbia Dentoform)
Moldent Buffing Agent(Yates Motloid)
Muffle De-Con Tam Kit(Dentsply)
PD Attachments Set(Keystone Industries)
Permabond 910(Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Company, Inc.)
Pipette(JS Dental)
Plastipac Separating Film(Yates Motloid)
Pointed Felt Cones(Darby Dental Supply)
Ring Liner(Whip Mix)
Silicone Emulsion(Keystone Industries)
Stainless Steel Clasp Wire(Keystone Industries)
Stainless Steel Wire Clasps(Keystone Industries)
Surfactant Debubblizer(Almore International)
Trubyte Fox Occlusal Plane Plate(Dentsply Trubyte)
True Blue(George Taub)
Two Flask Compress(Handler Manufacturing)
Wheel Saw(Keystone Industries)
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