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3D Accuitomo 170(J. Morita)
Apixia Digital Imaging(Apixia Dental)
Brixton X-Ray Sleeves(FILMtech Inc.)
Clio Connect(SOTA Imaging)
Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor Bundle(SOTA Imaging)
Clio Digital X-Ray Sensors(SOTA Imaging)
CS 7200 Imaging Plate System(Carestream Dental)
CS 8100 Digital Panoramic System(Carestream Dental)
CS 8100SC(Carestream Dental)
CS 9000(Carestream Dental)
CS 9000C(Carestream Dental)
CS 9300(Carestream Dental)
CS 9300C(Carestream Dental)
Encompass Digital Panoramic/Cephalometric Imaging System(Panoramic Corporation)
Envision Panoramic(Panoramic Corporation)
EVA Select Digital Imaging System(ImageWorks)
I-Max(Owandy Radiology)
JAZZ SOLO(Jazz Imaging)
Opteo Intraoral Sensors(Owandy Radiology)
Panoura 18S(ImageWorks)
PC-4000 Digital Panoramic X-Ray System(Panoramic Corporation)
Polaroid Keren HD Intraoral Sensors(Polaroid Dental Imaging)
PSPIX2 Cordless Imaging Plate Scanner(Acteon)
RAY Alpha(Ray America)
RAY Alpha Pan/Ceph(Ray America)
RAYSCAN Alpha Edge(Ray America)
RAYSCAN Alpha Plus(Ray America)
RIOSensor(Ray America)
RVG 5200(Carestream Dental)
RVG 6100(Carestream Dental)
RVG 6200(Carestream Dental)
ScanX Duo(Air Techniques)
ScanX Intraoral(Air Techniques)
ScanX Swift(Air Techniques)
SOPIX2 Sensors(Acteon)
SuniRay2(Suni Medical Imaging Inc.)
Veraview IC5 HD(J. Morita)
Veraview X800(J. Morita)
Veraviewepocs 2D(J. Morita)
Veraviewepocs 3D F40(J. Morita)
Veraviewpocs 3D R100(J. Morita)
X-MIND Prime(Acteon)
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