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Bluephase 20i LED Curing Light(Ivoclar Vivadent)
Bluephase G2 LED Curing Light(Ivoclar Vivadent)
Bluephase G4 LED Curing Light(Ivoclar Vivadent)
Bluephase PowerCure Curing Light(Ivoclar Vivadent)
Bluephase Style 20i Curing Light(Ivoclar Vivadent)
Bluephase Style LED Curing Light(Ivoclar Vivadent)
Coltolux LED Curing Light(Coltene)
Demi Plus LED Light Curing System(Kerr Restoratives)
Demi Ultra LED Ultracapacitor Curing Light System(Kerr Restoratives)
Elipar DeepCure-S LED Curing Light(3M)
FLASHlite Magna 4.0(DenMat)
Fusion 4.0 LED Curing Light(DentLight Inc.)
Fusion 5 Curing Light(DentLight Inc.)
LED 50N Cordless Curing Light(TPC Advanced Technology)
LED Blast Curing Light(First Medica)
LED Cordless Curing Light(Darby Dental Supply)
Paradigm DeepCure LED Curing Light(3M)
Radii Plus LED Curing Light(SDI-Southern Dental)
Radii Xpert Professional LED Curing Light(SDI-Southern Dental)
Radii-Cal Curing Light(SDI-Southern Dental)
S.P.E.C. 3 Curing Light(Coltene)
Slim Blast LED Curing Light(First Medica)
SLIMAX-C Plus(Beyes Dental)
SmartLite Focus Pen Style LED Curing Light(Dentsply Sirona)
SmartLite Pro Modular LED Curing Light(Dentsply Sirona)
The CURE Curing Light(Spring Health Products, Inc.)
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